© 2019 by Tamar Cohen

Live-in the 21st century

My project attempts to explore and re-think the meaning

of domestic spaces and to challenge the traditional 

housing model that is Insufficient to provide new forms

of living. Through speculating a housing framework 

that accommodates not only the typical 

family model, but provides for a diverse range 

of living conditions. 


This project, is not just a critique about the 

housing crisis, but a live question on how to occupy 

domestic spaces when patterns of life are changing

 so rapidly whilst architecture struggles to adapt 

to these changes. On a larger context, how the

 ideology and system can become a means to reorganize 

 the cluster of 'rooms' in the city and respond to contemporary housing needs 

Where it attempts to find the common ground 

through blurring thresholds of differences and 

individual privacy priorities. And ultimately provoking 

questions about the ‘habitation' in general and the 'home' in particular.