© 2019 by Tamar Cohen

City Concept 
German Colony, Jerusalem

For this project we had to intervene in the German Colony of Jerusalem .  Our assignment included transforming a small empty area into a residential space that the public can also use.  Cremieux street is the name of a narrow road that I was assigned too.  My idea was inspired and influenced by the Schroder House which was built in 1924 by Gerrit Rietveld  in the Netherlands.  The beauty of this house is that it is or was  very small, but spacious. The morphological shape of the house  is a cube.  The spactacular success  of this house was to create a large space that has walls moving throughout the house. This gave it a more open feeling when needed.

My project began as a cube. I took the cube and broke it up based on the existing grid of streets and ally ways surrounding the lot. I used the exciting axis, And each mass was used  as its own function. The external elevations were created from stone, in order to communicate with the existing surroundings.  All the “broken" parts which is the inner walls were glass this is meant to give you a shattered feeling which privides a sense pof balance between the ancient and the modern. The public portion of the complex is a  building survey as a library (library left, residential right). The library is a small boutique library, 2 floors with a high ceiling a central space in the middle with a large void. the complex is inviting, anyone can enter the road.over all i built a complex that survey the community and the citizens.