© 2019 by Tamar Cohen

 Residential Studio

I chose to locate my building on a centrally located street in the city center of Jerusalem .  Queen Shlomzyion Street is a busy area with numerous entrances and side streets coming off of it.  Currently this location has an evacuated  run down, old building standing on it.  I envision a nice tall building with public facilities on the lower floors and residential on the upper floors.   This will offer people a place to meet and share in the city centers excitement  and will enhance  the street while reaching its potential.  The first part of my process was to decide what was the correct design for this structure so that it still it would maintain its authenticity  and not seem out of place.  I decided to create a “corner”  on the axis of Shlomzyion and Shimon Ben Shetach streets.  The Corner is the front of the building that gives it shape.  The Plaza below will be open to pedestrians, and the roof top will also be a public area allowing different points of view of the city.  On the side of the building ( you cannot view this side from Shlomziyon street) I created a closed in garden and café sitting area.  The garden area was naturally created by the surrounding buildings and creates a quite  cul-de sac to relax in.   This  area was planned for people who are seeking out some quite time away from the loud city.